10 June 2022

Following its investigation, the Takeover Regulation Panel (TRP) issued a ruling on Friday 3 June withdrawing its previous determination in which it exempted Magister from the potential future obligation to make a mandatory offer to Tongaat shareholders as a consequence of it partially underwriting Tongaat Hulett’s proposed rights offer. The TRP investigation focused on whether a third-party who bought shares in Tongaat Hulett subsequent to the announcement of the rights offer is related to, and therefore deemed to be a concert party of, Magister. 

Tongaat was not a party to the share acquisition, nor were adverse findings made against Tongaat in the TRP ruling.

Magister has applied to the Takeover Special Committee (“TSC”) for a hearing regarding the TRP’s ruling.

THL resolved not to appeal the TRP ruling and will abide by the decision to be made by the TSC pursuant to Magister’s request for a hearing.

THL Shareholders are reminded that the transaction with Magister remains subject to the fulfilment by 30 June 2022 of certain conditions precedent including a TRP exemption to Magister from the potential future obligation to make a mandatory offer (which is the subject matter of Magister’s challenge to the TSC), the consent of THL’s South African lenders and approval from the Zimbabwean competition authorities.

Irrespective of the outcome, THL remains committed to a recapitalisation, and continues to engage proactively with a range of stakeholders on a sustainable capital structure for the THL group. Additionally, recapitalising Tongaat will protect more than half a million livelihoods.

THL Shareholders will be updated on further developments.

The operations of the company remain uninterrupted.