Tongaat Hulett is a proactive and resilient organisation working in collaboration with all its stakeholders in a focused, constructive, mutual value-adding and developmental manner.

The environment within which the company operates is increasingly impacted by multiple developmental challenges. At Tongaat Hulett, our philosophy as a partner of government and society is to contribute towards improving the prospects of a better life for many by making a substantial, positive impact on various socio-economic challenges, including job creation and security, transformation, attracting fixed investments, urban spatial integration, food security, youth development, infrastructure establishment and inclusive rural development. This is why Tongaat Hulett’s mission is to build our future by creating sustainable value for all our stakeholders.

We see the benefit of partnering with key stakeholders to achieve outcomes that represent a “win all”, and our relationships contribute towards the achievement of the business’s strategic objectives, such as increasing the supply of sugarcane to the company’s mills, while also meeting the objectives of its various stakeholders, including shareholders, governments, private farmers and their representative bodies, communities, employees and people impacted by the company’s operations.

Tongaat Hulett’s approach to working with its key stakeholders continues to support its objective of being considered the developmental partner of choice of governments in the SADC regions, in the journey to further growing their agricultural sectors.

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