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Economic development

Promoting economic development has proven to be an effective way of addressing socio-economic dynamics, as well as improving the quality of life of various stakeholders in all six countries in which we operate.

Over the last several years, we’ve contributed towards changing the socio-economic landscape.

  • One of the key ways we’ve done this is via our various projects to establish small-scale farmers in Mozambique, South Africa and Zimbabwe. These economic development initiatives include investing in training and skills transfer to ensure that these small-scale farmers associations are successful.
  • We also provide support to stakeholders in the communities surrounding company operations in other economic development initiatives, including training and installing watering points and dipping facilities for cattle farmers, helping establish a chicken business in Xinavane, and helping farmers grow inputs for animal feed.

These initiatives form part of our broader Enterprise and Supplier Development (ESD) framework, which is designed to diversify the supplier base with a special focus on developing local economies through localisation.

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