Tongaat Hulett’s operations play an important role in the lives of more than 110 million people in Sub-Saharan Africa. We are committed to enhancing our contribution to development, through an all-inclusive approach to growth.

The company is committed to operating ethically as a responsible corporate citizen in each of the five countries where we operate. We endorse and apply the principles of transparency, effective communication and accountability as we engage with the expectations of the investment community, private farmers, local communities, governments, consumers, suppliers and employees. Oversight of sustainability commitments rests with our Board and in particular the Social, Ethics, Health and Safety Committee which comprises both executive and non-executive directors.

We discuss our impact on and contributions to the six capitals of value creation in an integrated way, as follows:

  1. Manufactured capital is covered under the Tongaat Hulett profile, which covers activities of all our operations.
  2. Financial and operations review covers operating profits from the different operations of the company and describes Financial Capital.
  3. Human capital is covered under Human Resources, where there is detailed information about the company’s employee base as well as the various employee training programmes.
  4. Social and relationship capital is covered under the Stakeholder Relationships.
  5. Intellectual capital is covered under Intellectual Property.
  6. Natural capital is covered under Environment, addressing topics such as emissions reduction and water resources management.

These capitals are also extensively discussed in our ESG and Climate Change Report