Tongaat Hulett’s Code of Business Conduct and Ethics (Code) details our commitment to a culture of integrity, responsibility, accountability, transparency, and fairness.

We are committed to detecting, preventing, and combating fraud, theft, and other forms of economic crime such as corruption, bribery, or money laundering that may affect our business, and we take a zero-tolerance approach towards such activities. Individuals found guilty of such offenses will face the full might of the law.

If you believe that someone is contravening the Code, please report it through the Whistleblowers Anonymous service.

All reports will be investigated:

Email: tongaathulett@whistleblowing.co.za         Website: www.whistleblowing.co.za

Or call the FreeCall number in your country:

South Africa
FreeCall 0800 212 187 (existing)
Postal address for South Africa PO Box 51006
SMS Short Code 33490
Whistle Blowers Mobile App
FreeCall +130 5455 8789
  1. After dialling +130 5455 8789, the call will automatically cut once connected.
  2. Shortly thereafter the Whistleblowers Call Centre will return your call.
  3. There is no cost at all to the individual utilising the FreeCall facility.
Whistle Blowers Mobile App