Tongaat Hulett Sugar focuses on cane growing, sugar milling and refining throughout the Southern African region.

  • We have four mills in South Africa with an installed capacity to produce more than 1 million tons of sugar per annum.
  • Our central refinery in Durban produces 600 000 tons of high quality refined sugar per annum, with the primary product being the leading Huletts® brand.

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Voermol Feeds, an animal feeds subsidiary, is also part of our South African operations. We manufacture and market a range of energy and supplementary feeds to the livestock farming community through our Voermol® brand.

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In Mozambique, we have two operations that have a combined milling capacity in excess of 340 000 tons of sugar per annum.

In Zimbabwe, our two operations have a combined installed milling capacity of 640 000 tons per annum, while our total refined sugar installed capacity is 60 000 tons per annum. The Huletts Sunsweet® brand is the leading sugar brand in the country.

Our Botswana operation has the capacity to pack and distribute 60 000 tons of sugar per annum using our market leading Blue Crystal® brand.

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