Tongaat Hulett Sugar focuses on cane growing, sugar milling and refining throughout the Southern African region.

  • We have four mills in South Africa with an installed capacity to produce more than 1 million tons of sugar per annum.
  • Our central refinery in Durban produces 600 000 tons of high quality refined sugar per annum, with the primary product being the leading Huletts® brand.

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Voermol Feeds, an animal feeds subsidiary, is also part of our South African operations. We manufacture and market a range of energy and supplementary feeds to the livestock farming community through our Voermol® brand.

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In Mozambique, we have two operations that have a combined milling capacity in excess of 340 000 tons of sugar per annum.

In Zimbabwe, our two operations have a combined installed milling capacity of 640 000 tons per annum, while our total refined sugar installed capacity is 60 000 tons per annum. The Huletts Sunsweet® brand is the leading sugar brand in the country.

We also have a sugar estate in Tambankulu, in the Kingdom of eSwatini (previously known as Swaziland). This estate has the capacity to produce a Raw Sugar Equivalent of 60 000 tons per annum.

Our Botswana operation has the capacity to pack and distribute 60 000 tons of sugar per annum using our Blue Crystal® brand while in Namibia, we have an 80 000 ton per annum packing and distribution operation, with our Marathon® brand. Both Blue Crystal® and Marathon® are market-leading brands.

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