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Our Values


starts today

We’re building a
sustainable future through

  • Building capability in our people and processes
  • Driving efficiencies within our business to truly leverage our asset base
  • Rightsizing and fixing the fundamentals of our business
  • Creating a platform for sustainable and profitable growth


Our employees live
our values

  • Succeeding through excellence and innovation
  • Growing and winning in teams
  • Taking accountability
  • Integrity and ethics guide our way
  • Caring and doing our best
  • Ensuring that we all get safely home every day.

Our Value Proposition to our employees and you

We are building a Tongaat Hulett where our diverse talent live our values, contribute through excellence and innovation, achieve their potential, and have dynamic career experiences they are proud of.

We are co-creators of an environment where we can all engage in work that is meaningful and enjoyable.

Together we are reimagining a sweet tomorrow through the power of change that lies within each of us. The foundation of our approach lies in these simple, yet profound principles:

I believe in our collective future and a better tomorrow.

We believe in our collective ability to create a sweet future for all of our stakeholders. The hearts, minds and hands of our people are connected to this purpose of #GrowingASweetFuture.

I live our values. I act with integrity and accountability.

I know the part I play in achieving our strategy and I am empowered to act with speed and agility, demonstrating integrity and accountability as I contribute to #GrowingASweetFuture.

Together we are stronger.

Shaping a culture of contribution where we connect through respect, teamwork and high performance. #GrowingASweetFuture as one team, one Tongaat Hulett.

We celebrate what we achieve together.

#GrowingASweetFuture where I am seen, I am heard, I am empowered, I am growing, and I am appreciated.

Our operation’s success depends on specialised industry-related skills, experience and competencies, which are not readily available in the labour market. We have a strong focus on developing functional, technical, behavioural and leadership skills in our people. We believe everyone has the ability to contribute, be stretched, grow and thrive.

Our employees are exposed to ongoing learning and development opportunities through on-the-job development, coaching and mentoring and formal training. This enables them to perform and excel in their current roles, develop their management and leadership skills and position themselves for future growth opportunities.

In our dynamic society, we can no longer see success management as a once-off event. We recognise the importance of ongoing and varied success management processes based on employees’ job grades, roles and responsibilities.

During the 2020/21 financial year, we invested R23.8 million in 8 760 employees, who attended 11 223 training programmes.

As a signatory of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and in accordance with the UN Global Compact, we are committed to respecting internationally recognised human rights standards:

  • We pledge to avoid causing (or contributing to) adverse human rights impacts through company activities.
  • We actively seek to prevent or mitigate adverse human rights impacts directly linked to Tongaat Hulett operations, products or services by business relationships.
  • We are committed to preventing human rights infringements such as child labour, forced and compulsory labour, unsafe and unhealthy working environments, and constraints to an employee’s freedom of association, both within our company and in our supply chain.