10 February 2020

Tongaat Hulett is committed to fair and equitable procurement processes and is committed to the elimination of all forms of fraud, collusion and other unethical behaviour that undermine procurement governance.

It has come to our attention that certain businesses have been contacted and requested credit by persons posing as Tongaat Hulett employees, utilising fraudulent Tongaat Hulett Director ID’s and fake Tongaat Hulett CK Documents in their credit application. We wish to notify potential suppliers that all such credit applications coming via email from entities posing as Tongaat Hulett is in fact fraudulent. Valid and bona fide credit applications will only always arise as a consequence of a Tongaat Hulett tender process or engagement and the authenticity can be verified by contacting 032 439 4464 or

Please be aware that if your business receives such a request from us via mail or is contacted telephonically please send an email to or Also any form of communication from us via email will only be sent from a “” email address.

In addition, we encourage you to report fraudulent activity anonymously on our 365/24/7 Free Call Tip-offs Anonymous service – 0800 21 21 87 or