Hulett Aluminium successfully repels Alcoa’s allegation of dumping

5 November 2004

Hulett Aluminium announced today that after a year long investigation, the US International Trade Commission ruled that imports of series 6000 plate into the United States from South Africa did not materially injure the US industry. Hulett Aluminium welcomed the negative ITC ruling, confirming that all the evidence which had been submitted showed that Hulett 6000 series plate sales in the US market had not materially injured the domestic producers, mostly notably Alcoa, who filed the petition in October 2003.

Hulett went on to say that they remained committed to the US market as responsible suppliers with a range of quality products, supplied through their longstanding exclusive distributor, Empire Resources.

Hulett Aluminium continues to grow its export position, with record output in 2004. It’s market position is becoming increasingly established in all regions across the globe with its range of quality products, some of which are well branded and the preferred choice for many customers.