Hulett Aluminium questions background to Alcoa’s antidumping petition

17 October 2003

Hulett Aluminium, the South African based producer of aluminium rolled products, with a rolled products worldwide market share of less than 1,2%, questions the background to an antidumping petition filed against it in the United States by Alcoa, the world’s largest aluminium producer.

The market segment cited by Alcoa in its antidumping petition constitutes less than 1% of the total United States market for aluminium rolled products and Hulett Aluminium has expressed its surprise at Alcoa’s claim of injury to the local industry.;

The fall off in demand in the related aerospace sector, in which Alcoa has the major market position, has led to downward pricing pressures in the engineering, tooling plate and die applications sector cited in the antidumping petition.;

The particular product specified by Alcoa is aluminium rolled plate, alloy 6061, with a thickness greater than 0.25 inches (6,3mm), which is not sold in South Africa by Hulett Aluminium.;

No petition has been filed against Chinese and Russian producers who tend to offer the lowest prices in the United States.

Hulett Aluminium will defend the antidumping petition filed by Alcoa.