27 October 2020

The pandemic and introduction of lockdowns globally saw a surge of cybercrime, and there has been a noticeable increase in incidents in Southern Africa. Please remain extremely vigilant to unusual emails to ensure that  you are protected.

One recent method adopted by fraudsters is to pose as a company representative and request a customer to change the company’s bank details. These requests are often accompanied by a fair amount of knowledge of the amounts owed, when payment is due, purchase order numbers, valid ID numbers etc. These requests are almost certainly accompanied by a forged letter from the “bank” confirming the details. All of these are specifically intended to make the request appear genuine.

We have been made aware of fraudsters attempting to contact our customers using a similar tactic. Please note that our banking details have not changed, and should you receive such a request, please do not action it.

Should you receive a request to change banking details please notify us on