Appointment of managing director of Hulett Aluminium (Pty) Limited

4 March 2002

The Boards of The Tongaat-Hulett Group Limited and Hulett Aluminium (Pty) Limited are pleased to announce that following the appointment of Mr Peter Staude as Chief Executive Officer of the Tongaat-Hulett Group Limited and as Chairman of Hulett Aluminium (Pty) Limited, Mr Alan Fourie has been appointed Managing Director of Hulett Aluminium (Pty) Limited with effect from 10 May 2002.

Mr Fourie, who is a Chartered Accountant and an MBA graduate from Cape Town University, joined the Tongaat-Hulett Group in 1979 and moved to Hulett Aluminium in 1983. He is currently the Financial Director of Hulett Aluminium and has held various executive responsibilities in Hulett Aluminium and its subsidiary companies, including the responsibility for the Commercial Products businesses since 1997.

M A Kennedy
Group Secretary