Announcement – Directors

26 May 2003

Two Executive Directors, Messrs DG Aitken and JB Magwaza, have reached retirement age after playing a leading role throughout Tongaat-Hulett for many years.

Mr JB Magwaza, who joined Tongaat-Hulett on 1 January 1975, will retire with effect from 31 July 2003. He will remain on the Tongaat-Hulett Board as a Non-Executive Director.

Mr DG Aitken, who joined Tongaat-Hulett on 23 June 1969, will relinquish his responsibilities as Group Financial Director on 30 September 2003. He will remain a Director of the Tongaat-Hulett Board for a further five months until his retirement on 29 February 2004.

Mr MH Munro, who is currently the Financial Director of Hulett Aluminium, has been appointed Group Financial Director and an Executive Director of the Tongaat-Hulett Board with effect from 1 October 2003.