Business Approach

Tongaat Hulett continues to promote a core value of providing a safe and healthy workplace combined with good environmental stewardship. Safety, health and environmental (SHE) matters being components of an integral part of Tongaat Hulett’s business, have specific plans with clear deliverables that are implemented within defined timeframes. The focus is on ensuring operational sustainability against risks of occupational SHE liability. Guided by the fundamental principle of ‘zero harm’, Tongaat Hulett’s efforts in managing SHE issues are a consolidation of the participation of several stakeholders. Employees, contractors, suppliers, service providers, private farmers involved with Tongaat Hulett and surrounding communities in areas where Tongaat Hulett operates were identified as key stakeholders who have an important role to play in promoting SHE values.

The Tongaat Hulett Risk, SHE, Social and Ethics Committee oversees the performance of the company against set SHE targets and objectives. Progress on SHE plans and performance is monitored by the Chief Executive Officer and senior management through the various SHE Executive Steering Committees and established reporting systems.