Focus Areas

Evolving the starch and glucose operation’s market mixes and new product portfolios in order to optimise earnings and increase capacity utilisation.

Reducing the unit cost of production.

  • A fundamental review to re-examine all bought-in costs and services has been launched
  • With a substantial part of the cost base being fixed, the unit cost of sugar production will continue to benefit from the growth in sugar volumes

Optimising revenue from sugar cane and progressing Tongaat Hulett’s renewable energy initiatives to meet the SADC region’s need for agricultural development, job creation and energy security.

Partnering with Governments and other key stakeholders to develop small-scale private farmers, thereby contributing to rural development and job creation around the business’s areas of operation.

Prioritising the sustained increase of cane supplies to utilise the more than 850 000 tons of available unutilised milling capacity.

Developing innovative models to create successful and sustainable neighbourhoods for communities in the lower socio-economic spectrum.

Increasing the pace of land conversion while establishing, maintaining and entrenching appropriate value benchmarks.

Maximising the benefit of owning the leading sugar brands and strong distribution networks in the SADC region.

Developing and building Tongaat Hulett’s human capital, while meeting the business’s internal transformation targets.

Continuing to make good progress in the areas of health and environmental management.

Maintaining and developing strong relationships with all of Tongaat Hulett’s stakeholders.

Entrenching an “Organisational Safety Culture” with a zero harm approach.