Tongaat Hulett views the economy as an integral part of society and acknowledges the role that it can play, as a responsible member of society in creating value for its stakeholders. The business defines responsibility as ethical actions, honest communication, active participation in the transparent development of the economic environment, accountability for its actions and actions that confirm its standing as a reliable and valuable member of society.

The company fully subscribes to principles of sustainable development, which encompasses safety, health and environment (SHE). The provision of a safe and healthy workplace combined with good environmental stewardship is part of Tongaat Hulettís core values. Tongaat Hulett demonstrates the sharing of these values with stakeholders who include employees, contractors, established and emerging farmers and members of the surrounding communities in which Tongaat Hulett operates. Stakeholder engagement and involvement is therefore integral to Tongaat Hulettís business plan.

The Tongaat Hulett Risk, SHE, Social and Ethics Committee oversees the performance of the company against set SHE targets and objectives, which are detailed in the businessís SHE plan. Progress on SHE plans and performance is monitored by the Chief Executive Officer and senior management through the various SHE Executive Steering Committees and established reporting systems.