CB Sibisi
  Peter Staude
Chief Executive Officer

Chairman's statement


Chief Executive's review

At a glance


Agriculture and agri-processing (sugarcane/sugar and maize/starch) with renewable energy opportunities (electricity generation and ethanol production)


Portfolio of land for conversion (unique portfolio and well-established development platform in KwaZulu-Natal)


Largest private sector employer in both Mozambique and Zimbabwe


Approximately one million people in South Africa are directly impacted by the South African Sugar Industry. Tongaat Hulett is the major player North of Durban


Agriculture and agri-processing is a fundamental element of socio-economic development in africa - particularly in the development of rural communities, farming activities, food security and water management, housing and land conversion to development as urban areas expand. This is also linked to the socio-political dynamics of the region. Tongaat hulett is well positioned in the nexus of these dynamics.