Working at Tongaat Hulett


Tongaat Hulett is a focussed agricultural and agri-processing business with 25% BEE equity participation. The business includes integrated land management, property development and agriculture components. It is a growing, dynamic, fast moving and transforming organisation with various business operations in Southern Africa. Tongaat Hulett is set for exciting times capitalising on its strong regional competitive positioning in a changing world of agriculture triggered by renewable energy and a fairer world trade regime.

Working at Tongaat Hulett

A key requirement for achieving the strategic goals and objectives of the business is a highly skilled workforce. With the availability of skilled people, particularly in the technical and engineering disciplines, being an ongoing dynamic, there is a need to ensure an appropriate pipeline of skilled people to meet future skills requirements and for succession planning purposes. Targeted recruitment and market-related remuneration practices, coupled with effective performance and talent management, and mobility across operations play an integral part in ensuring that the organisation continues to have access to a highly skilled and competent workforce at all levels.

The capability profiles of teams and individuals are continuously being assessed against the required competencies and appropriate action is taken to address any gaps that are identified. Some of the interventions include talent management processes coupled with fast tracked development, training and development, recruitment from outside and addressing succession planning gaps by ensuring an appropriate pipeline of skilled people to meet future skills requirements.

As at 31 March 2013, Tongaat Hulett employed 39 246 employees, of whom 6 700 are based in South Africa, 125 in Botswana, 15 154 in Mozambique, 191 in Namibia, 1025 in Swaziland and 16 051 in Zimbabwe.

Exciting and challenging career opportunities with long term prospects exist in the Sugar, Starch and Developments Operations as well as the Corporate Office.

Superior performance is key to success in a challenging business environment. Great business performance can only be achieved through the extraordinary performance and achievements of the people employed by the company. Programmes are in place at all operations as part of the company wide commitment to attract, develop and retain valuable skills. Performance and talent management processes establish clear roles and responsibilities, performance reviews, performance ratings, assessment of future potential and action plans to enhance performance. Competency gaps and individual training and development needs are identified and action plans implemented to address these needs. Effective coaching and mentoring are encouraged.

Effective skills development practices at all levels is a priority and continues to be strengthened including supervisory, management and leadership development, apprenticeships, in-service training, operator training, general skills development of shop floor employees and effective coaching and mentoring processes. Competency gaps and individual training and development needs are being identified and action plans developed to address these needs. Action plans are developed to address the needs of high performing and highly talented individuals, with particular emphasis on black employees in the case of South Africa.

Actions continue to be taken to ensure that Tongaat Hulett is a dynamic, growing, results orientated, indigenous, innovative and sustainable organisation.